Generalmec srl was established in 1989 by the Lissandrin family.
The company has gone through a metamorphosis over the last few years both structurally and production wise.
Our business revolves around a philosophy of constant investment in technology and continuous renewal of its machinery and equipment.
The experience and tradition formed in thirty years of business enable us to engage with the market to pursue solutions that allow for a flexible and functional organization.”



Generalmec’s in-house engineering department is involved in creating the 2D and 3D designs and product development. Our software programs work and manage any type of file. In terms of CAM programming for milling processes, we use 5AX stations plus a simulator to detect collisions of the machining path. Every stage in the creation of a tool – from quote to procurement, machining and testing – are managed and monitored by special software that enables us to provide customers real-time reports on the actual progress of the work compared to the initial plan.



Our production floor is constantly renewed and improved for increasingly easier and precise machining processes and shorter production times. We have 3AX and 5AX milling machining centres with dimensions up to 2700 X 1700 X 1700. In the drilling area, we have a boring machine with maximum boring depth of 1250 mm. In the erosion area, we have modern EDM (electrical discharge machining) and WEDM (wire electrical discharge machining) equipment. We are also equipped with gantry cranes able to lift weights of up to 20,000 kg.
Our skilled technicians do mould adjustments using special multiple tool presses equipped with hydraulic power unit to operate the hydraulic movements, if any. We have a press for small and medium mould sizes and a press for large-sized moulds. We can lift weights of up to 20,000 kg.



Generalmec’s moulding department is equipped with a 200-ton press and a 650-ton press used to test the small- and medium-sized moulds produced by us and to produce pre-run orders from customers.
We have a control unit and compressor for nitrogen assisted mould testing and production. Any mould tests requiring greater tonnage are outsourced and handled on 2500-ton presses.